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                Non-standard automation equipment: non-standard automatic mechanical equipment maintenance system


                Non-standard automatic mechanical equipment maintenance principles and requirements, the following automation equipment manufacturers manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

                Prudential Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech non-standard automation equipment manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions.

                1.1 In order to ensure that mechanical equipment is always in good technical state, Wuxi non-standard automation equipment can be put into operation at any time, reducing downtime, improving mechanical integrity, utilization, reducing mechanical wear, extending mechanical service life, reducing mechanical operation and maintenance costs. To ensure safe production, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance work of mechanical equipment;

                1.2 Mechanical maintenance must implement the principle of “paying for both repair and maintenance, prevention first”, and do regular maintenance and enforcement, and correctly handle the relationship between use, maintenance and repair, and do not allow to use only no maintenance, only repair;

                1.3 Each team must do all kinds of mechanical maintenance work according to the mechanical maintenance regulations and according to the maintenance category of non-standard automatic equipment, and must not delay without undue delay. In special circumstances, it may be postponed for maintenance after being approved by the special engineer, but generally it should not exceed the specified maintenance interval. Half of

                1.4 The maintenance machinery shall ensure the quality, and shall be carried out item by item according to the specified items and requirements, and shall not be insured or not. The problems found in maintenance items, maintenance quality and maintenance should be recorded and reported to the department for special work;

                1.5 Maintenance personnel and maintenance departments should do “three inspections and one handover (self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one-time joint), continuously summarize maintenance experience and improve maintenance quality;

                1.6 The Asset Management Department regularly supervises and inspects the mechanical maintenance of each unit, checks the quality of maintenance regularly or irregularly, and conducts awards and penalties.

                2 Implementation and supervision of maintenance work for non-standard automated mechanical equipment

                2.1 Mechanical Maintenance Adhere to the promotion of the “cross” operation method with “cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening and anti-corrosion” as the main content, and carry out routine maintenance and regular maintenance system, strictly in accordance with the cycle specified by the instruction manual and inspection and maintenance items.

                2.2 Routine maintenance is the cleaning and inspection carried out before and after the mechanical operation, mainly to check the critical, vulnerable parts (such as mechanical safety devices), coolant, lubricant, fuel quantity, instrument indications, etc. Routine maintenance is done by the operator himself, and the Mechanical Maintenance Record is carefully filled out.

                2.3 Primary maintenance: General cleaning, tightening and lubrication operations, and partial adjustment work to maintain the mechanical integrity of the machine. The unit asset management personnel shall use the “Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Lubrication Notice” to reach the operation team according to the maintenance plan. The operator shall complete the operation and the operation class monitor shall supervise and supervise.

                2.4 Secondary maintenance: including all the contents of the first-level maintenance, with inspection and adjustment as the center, keeping the mechanical assembly, mechanism and parts have good working performance. The operating team will be completed by the use of the unit asset management personnel under the "Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Lubrication Notice", which is mainly completed by the operator himself. When the operator has difficulty completing the work, he can entrust the repair department to use the unit asset manager and operation class. The squad leader checks and supervises.


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