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                Non-standard automation equipment: What are the principles of automation design?


                In recent years, with the development of society and the rising labor costs, the factory is difficult to recruit and the cost of labor is high. More and more manufacturers hope to use automation equipment to solve the problem of labor difficulties, but most of the automation equipment It is developed according to the product, so many manufacturers do not have a good reference standard in the actual manufacturing process, then I will talk about three principles of non-standard automated machinery manufacturing:

                  A. Technical principles

                  The technical principle means that the performance indicators in the design, manufacture and use of non-standard automation equipment must meet the corresponding standard. It includes not only static technical indicators, but also dynamic technical indicators. For example, static technical indicators such as power, strength, service life and efficiency of mechanical equipment; dynamic technical indicators such as thermal stability, wear resistance and anti-friction. Therefore, when designing work, be sure to ensure the technical specifications of the equipment parts, and do not affect the use of the equipment.

                  B. Standardization principles

                  When designing mechanical equipment, it is necessary to ensure the standardization of each work, mainly from two aspects: on the one hand, concept standardization. In the design process, it is necessary to involve some professional terms, measurement units, symbols, etc., so that when designing, we must reach the corresponding design standards, if there is an error, it will affect the normal use of mechanical equipment. On the other hand, the method is standardized. When designing, if it is necessary to carry out relevant tests, measurements, etc., it must be completed at the designated location, and strictly in accordance with the methods specified in the relevant standards and standards to ensure the performance of mechanical equipment.

                  C. Security principles

                  When designing, pay attention to the following points in terms of safety: 1. Part safety. The quality of the equipment parts must conform to the relevant design standards, and at the same time, when used, ensure that it will not be excessively deformed, broken, etc., to avoid adverse effects of the design. 2. Work safety. When designing, we must ensure the safety of the staff and ensure the smooth progress of related work. 3. Environmental safety. When designing, we must measure the impact of mechanical equipment on the surrounding environment, such as mechanical noise, exhaust gas pollution, etc., and take relevant preventive measures according to the actual situation.


                  The above three points are the three main principles for the design of automation equipment. In the actual design process, due to the characteristics and requirements of the processed products, comprehensive consideration is given at the design time to ensure the technical, standardization and safety principles of the design. Pu'er Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech non-standard automation equipment manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions. Founded in Shanghai in 2008, it is one of the few companies in China that can provide complete solutions for industrial intelligent factories. With intelligent and high-precision assembly technology and testing technology, the company combines high-quality intelligent storage equipment, quality tracking and information management to provide customers with a one-stop solution for smart factories. The company's products have been widely used in automotive, medical and other fields. As a smart manufacturing precision equipment company, the company constantly enhances its internal strength and encourages technological innovation and technological creation within the company.

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