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                Non-standard automation equipment: What are the conditions for high-quality non-standard automation equipment?


                For non-standard automation equipment, what kind of non-standard automation equipment is a good automation equipment? From the customer's point of view, it should be the most suitable equipment for the customer's production line, which can reduce costs for customers and can The customer solves the production problem equipment, and the supplier must provide perfect after-sales service for the customer, and can solve the problems encountered on the customer's production line at any time. This will be recognized by the customer. In the years of non-standard automation equipment, I often encounter customers who think that the price of non-standard automation equipment is too high. I will answer with the customer: First of all, our equipment is the most cost-effective and reliable. Because of non-standard automation equipment, it is to improve the production efficiency of the factory, reduce the cost, improve the quality and output of the product, and solve some work stations and actions that are difficult to achieve by manual production. Therefore, the requirements for the reliability and stability of the equipment are very high. This requires our design engineers to have a very good understanding of the process of the product, very detailed analysis of which technical indicators the device should meet in order to meet the minimum (or even 0) failure rate of the product through the device production, and The production speed and the beat can be achieved by the customer. The following manufacturers of automation equipment manufacturers introduce you to:

                1. Quality requirements for devices used in non-standard automation equipment.

                The quality of the equipment used in the equipment is very high, so the quality requirements for the pneumatic components, guiding components, circuit components, control systems, mechanical components, etc. used on the equipment are very high. The suppliers selected by our company are all world famous brand suppliers. The original used is also a device that has been continuously tested to meet the requirements of the index.

                2. Design capabilities of non-standard automation design engineers.

                Engineers who design non-standard automation equipment must have very rich design experience and be familiar with many different process requirements and indicators. It can have strong judgment ability for the production requirements of various processes, and can timely judge the key points of various process production to ensure the reliability, safety and stability of equipment production.

                3. Quality non-standard automation equipment commissioning and trial production services.

                After the customer's customized non-standard automation is assembled in our company, the internal engineers of our company will carry out repeated tests. After the performance of the various indicators of the equipment is in good condition, the equipment can be operated normally, and then the customer is notified to our company. Conduct preliminary acceptance and conduct training on guiding customers to conduct initial operational training and equipment internal performance and various requirements. Then our company engineers will go to the customer's factory along with the non-standard automation equipment, conduct trial production in the customer's factory, coordinate the customer's preparation work for power supply and gas source, and start the formal trial production. And one-on-one guidance to the client operator during the trial production process. Its contents include the operation of the equipment, as well as common maintenance knowledge and debugging methods. Until the device is probable on the client side, and the client operator is proficient in the various indicators to be known about the use and maintenance of the device.

                4. Quality after-sales service.

                Our company's automation equipment has a free warranty period. If there is any non-human damage in the non-standard automation equipment within the warranty period, our company will solve the problem free of charge in time. If there is any problem after the warranty period, our company will only charge according to the maintenance situation. Cost. High-quality equipment performance and efficient after-sales service can ensure that customers can achieve smooth production, ensure production and quality when using our equipment, and absolutely reduce the production cost.

                Therefore, the best non-standard automation equipment is able to solve production problems for customers according to their own production line and can provide the best after-sales service for customers, and solve problems encountered on customer production lines in a timely manner. Only these conditions are the best, the most cost-effective non-standard automation.


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