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                Non-standard automation equipment: three major issues to pay attention to when purchasing


                Purchasing non-standard automation equipment is a problem that all production-type factories must deal with when setting up a factory. So understanding the precautions for purchasing non-standard automation equipment can save the manufacturer a lot of unnecessary troubles. The factory saved a huge amount of follow-up expenses. When we buy non-standard automation equipment, the first thing we need to pay attention to is our own situation. The following smart storage equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

                1. Whether it is necessary to put automation equipment in the process, generally consider introducing imported automation equipment instead of manual operation under the following conditions

                1. Poor working environment, such as spraying and welding operations;

                2. Manual operation makes the product quality unstable or fails to meet customer requirements;

                3. The product is large or heavy, and manual operation is difficult.

                4. The production cycle and long life of the product are long. Individual recommendations require careful evaluation of automation for the sole purpose of saving labor.

                Second, the process is suitable for the automation equipment

                1. Stability of components: The quality of products flowing upstream is not stable. If the components are unstable, the quality of the products processed by the equipment may not be as good as manual, and it may cause frequent equipment downtime.

                2, the complexity of the operation: the complexity of the operation determines the cost of automation equipment and the feasibility of automation equipment technology. Even for industrial robots, complex assembly work is difficult to achieve.

                3. Packing method of components: If you want to realize automatic feeding, you need to change the original packaging method so that the loading mechanism can capture the parts. The cost increase due to changing the packaging method needs to be calculated into the automation cost. .

                4. Separability of components: If you want to achieve manual loading, you need to evaluate the separability of the components. Especially for some small parts, such as screws.

                Third, how can automation design meet the requirements of lean mode?

                1. Use single-task small devices instead of multi-tasking large equipment; the more complex the equipment, the higher the cost, the worse the reliability, and the less flexible the response to changes in demand;

                2. Do not blindly pursue high-speed equipment. The efficiency of equipment should meet the requirements and ensure the quality of products.

                3. Try to avoid batch processing equipment. Although batch processing equipment has certain advantages in efficiency, it will hinder the flow and make the production cycle too long.


                Are you aware of the three major considerations you need to be aware of when purchasing non-standard automated purchases? Today, the content of our article is over here. I hope this article will help you. Prudential Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech automated machinery manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions.

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