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                Non-standard automation equipment: how the robot evaluates its performance


                Non-standard automation equipment, non-standard automatic robot is an automatic operation device that can imitate some movement functions of human hands and arms, and is used to grasp, transport objects or operate tools according to a fixed procedure. The characteristic is that it can be programmed to complete various expected operations, and the advantages of construction and performance of both human and mechanical mobile phones. How do non-standard automated robots evaluate their performance? The following injection molding robot manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

                First, the rate peak of non-standard automated manipulator

                Robot performance is often assumed by the peak rate. However, this is not all, unless we know the acceleration. One might infer that the "fastest" robot is the one with a higher speed peak. However, the two robots can walk the same distance of 2800mm in one second. This is possible because a robot with a lower peak velocity has a higher acceleration (45 m/s2) than a robot with a higher peak velocity, and the latter has a 13.3 m/s2.

                It is more useful for the robot to spend time walking a certain distance. This information should be obtained from the manufacturer.

                Second, non-standard automated manipulator operation convenience

                Features of non-standard automated robots that facilitate user-friendly operation include control panels with graphical user interfaces, intuitive touch screens, and suspension button stations. With the handheld console, the operator can choose to program the robot or use the system main control board mounted on the machine.


                The type of control system in place also affects availability. The robot controller integrated with the injection molding machine controller has a common display for more convenience and a common robot controller that achieves minimal communication interruption. Other features include pre-programmed templates that simplify robot programming and remote diagnostic capabilities that enable molders to directly contact online service engineers. Prudential Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech non-standard automation equipment manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions.

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