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                Automation equipment


                Automated mechanical equipment, automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical, services and home. The use of automation technology can not only liberate people from heavy physical labor, part of mental labor and a harsh and dangerous working environment, but also expand human organ function, greatly improve labor productivity, enhance human ability to understand the world and transform the world. . The following automation equipment manufacturers introduce to you:


                Technical application:

                The development of automation technology in the warehousing field (including the main warehouse) can be divided into five stages: manual warehousing stage, mechanized warehousing stage, automated warehousing stage, integrated warehousing stage and intelligent automated warehousing stage. In the late 1990s and in the 21st century, intelligent automated warehousing will be the main development direction of automation technology.

                The first stage

                The transportation, storage, management and control of materials are mainly realized by manual, and their real-time and intuitiveness are obvious advantages. The economic indicators of manual storage technology in initial equipment investment are also superior.

                second stage

                Materials can be moved and moved through a variety of conveyor belts, industrial conveyors, robots, cranes, stackers and lifts, storage materials are stored on shelf pallets and removable shelves, and mechanical access devices are manually operated. Operation of control devices such as switches, spiral mechanical brakes and mechanical monitors. Mechanization meets people's requirements for speed, accuracy, height, weight, repeat access and handling.

                The third phase

                It is the automation technology of the automated warehousing technology stage that plays an important role in promoting warehousing technology and development. In the late 1950s and 1960s, systems such as automatic guided vehicles (AGV), automatic shelves, automatic access robots, automatic identification and automatic sorting were developed and adopted. In the 1970s and 1980s, rotating-type shelves, mobile shelves, roadway stackers, and other handling equipment were added to the automatic control. However, this was only the local automation of each device and their independent application, called "automation." Isolated island. With the development of computer technology, the focus shifts to the control and management of materials, requiring real-time, coordination and integration, communication between computers, between data collection points, between controllers of mechanical equipment, and between them and the host computer. The information can be summarized in time, the warehouse computer records the ordering and arrival time in time, and displays the inventory quantity. The planner can easily make the supply decision. They know what is being produced, what is ordered, what time is sent, and the management personnel Keep abreast of supply and demand. The application of information technology has become an important pillar of warehousing technology.

                Fourth stage

                In the late 1970s and 1980s, automation technology was increasingly used in the production and distribution fields. Obviously, “automation islands” need to be integrated, thus forming the concept of “integrated systems”. In an integrated system, the organic cooperation of the entire system makes the overall benefit and the resilience of production greatly exceed the sum of the independent benefits of each part. Integrated warehouse technology has attracted people's attention as the center of material storage in the CIMS-Computer Integrated Manufacturing System. Although people have noticed system integration in the 1980s, there are not many integrated storage systems built in China so far. The integration system consists of people, equipment and control systems. The three phases mentioned above are the foundation.

                Fifth stage

                It is an intelligent automated warehousing technology. Prudential Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech automated machinery manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions.

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