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                Industrial automation and robotics feast are about to open


                The fourth industrial revolution is raging, and automated machinery and equipment, a new generation of information technology will produce unprecedented changes, while bringing a rare opportunity for the development of traditional manufacturing. Most of China's factories are in the industry 2.0 to 3.0 stage. To gain the benefits of information technology, companies must upgrade their plant equipment. Factory automation is the premise for information-based manufacturing. Industrial automation and robotics will also play an important role in this wave of transformation and upgrading. The following small-scale automated mechanical equipment will introduce you:

                In order to seize the highlands of the manufacturing industry and win the opportunities in the future market, countries around the world have introduced new policies. The China Manufacturing 2025 Action Strategy clearly pointed out that it will focus on the development of next-generation information technology, CNC machine tools, robots and other technologies, and set smart manufacturing as an important direction for China's future development, and promote China's manufacturing industry from "big" to "strong" through new technologies. The transformation and upgrading will release huge market demand, and the bright future of industrial automation and robotics industry is coming.

                The transformation of traditional manufacturing industry is an inevitable trend of historical development. In the process of upgrading, enterprise managers should consider many issues, such as how to obtain more reliable automation technology services, which robot products are the most advanced, and what kind of effects can the intelligent manufacturing production line bring. What should you pay attention to when upgrading the factory?

                In order to speed up the connection between industrial automation and robot products and the market, the OFweek high-tech industry portal will hold “OFweek 2017 (3rd) China Industrial Automation and Robotics Online Exhibition” on August 30-31, 2017. Innovative models such as live broadcasts, online seminars, new product releases, and white paper downloads provide a high-quality online service platform for industrial automation and robot manufacturers at home and abroad for information dissemination, technical exchanges, and economic and trade negotiations. By then, the entire intelligent manufacturing industry between the upstream and downstream industry chains will be able to directly talk to and communicate technical problems and intelligent production solutions with customers through online platforms.

                Industrial automation and robotics feast are about to open

                The exhibition will be divided into four major exhibition areas, including industrial automation exhibition areas such as PLC/PAC, DCS, inverter, industrial computer and other industrial automation products, as well as cloud manufacturing technology, energy management system, digital factory, non-standard automation, smart factory, etc. The industrial robot exhibition area is mainly used for various industrial robots for handling, welding, palletizing and other industrial applications; the intelligent robot exhibition area will bring educational robots, nursing robots, companion robots, customer service robots, and window cleaning. Some products such as robots; industrial measurement technology exhibition area is mainly based on thermal imager, spectrometer, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and network analyzer.

                Industrial automation and robotics feast are about to open

                During the exhibition, a number of industrial automation and robot-related technical exchange seminars will be held. Experts will share knowledge and experience on-site and provide real-time online Q&A services. In addition, the major booths will also launch live events, data downloads, product trials, quizzes and other exciting content. The online exhibition relies on the huge industry member data foundation of the OFweek platform, and the personalized booth service support enables enterprises and customers to stay at home, and also realize product docking and project plan exchange. As an innovative form of exhibition, online exhibitions are more in line with the needs of the times, making communication ever-present and ubiquitous.

                In the past, OFweek has held two sessions of industrial automation and robotics online exhibitions and achieved good results. During the three-day exhibition, the booths were very popular. Visitors used industrial automation manufacturers, processing, packaging, machinery manufacturing, and electronics. The group of household appliances is mainly in the field of production, the data is very accurate, and has won unanimous praise from many exhibitors.

                With the rapid rise of the Internet economy, the live broadcast mode is even more popular. OFweek 2017 (3rd) China Industrial Automation and Robotics Online Exhibition provides manufacturers and users with extremely convenient product display and technology with innovative online interactive display mode. Exchange interactive service platform. This time, we will bring together well-known enterprises and senior experts in the field of industrial automation and robotics to automate new products driven by the wave of intelligent manufacturing upgrades. Robotic new technologies are continuously introduced. Participating in this online exhibition will not only understand the latest product technologies, but also customers. Docking together to bring industry opportunities, but also a good opportunity to learn industry knowledge. Prudential Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech non-standard automation equipment manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions.

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