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                How much do you know about materials commonly used in non-standard automation equipment?


                How much do you know about materials commonly used in non-standard automation equipment?

                With the rapid development of China's machinery industry, more and more industrial plants will begin to use machinery to replace manual workflow. So how much do you know about materials commonly used in non-standard automation equipment? It doesn't matter, next, Xiaobian will introduce it to everyone, let us take a look.

                AL6061 : (with magnesium, silicon as the main alloying element) 55-65 / KG, medium strength <270Mpa, good corrosion resistance and workability, 1. Nickel plating; 2. Anodized HRC42-55 (a: anode anodization, thickness 8-15u; b: anode black oxidation, thickness 20-30u; c: hard anodization, thickness 12-20u; d: hard anode Oxidized black, thickness 20-30u).

                6063 : (with magnesium, silicon as the main alloying element) 60 / kg, strength <200Mpa.

                7075 : (with zinc as the main alloying element) 65 / kg, high strength, twice the size of 6061, can be quenched but brittle, and the rest of the performance and surface treatment is the same as 6061. )

                2A12: (with copper as the main alloying element) 35 / kg, the old standard LY12, the strength of 470Mpa, heat resistance, making high-load parts, is the most commonly used in hard aluminum alloy. + E; x-W7 B)n

                5A02 : (with magnesium as the main alloying element) 35 / kg, old standard LF2, Japan A5052, typical rust-proof alloy, high corrosion resistance, good weldability, high plasticity, strength 245Mpa, medium load and welded parts.

                Q235A: Old standard A3 steel, carbon structural steel, 7 / kg, easy to rust, general sheet metal parts for baking treatment, steps: a: If rust, first rust removal; b: before de-fatting - before painting Phosphorus-passivation treatment; c: spray primer drying, spray surface coating; d: baking paint workpiece to form a paint film to protect the workpiece. Processing spray paint, but also "spray powder" and "spray" spray powder and baking paint; However, the spray is thicker than the paint, and the inside is hard and soft, but the adhesion of the metal surface is small and uniform.

                Degreasing: Degreasing; Phosphating: chemically treating metals with phosphoric acid or phosphate to form a stable phosphating film on the surface to prevent corrosion; passivation: chemical cleaning for corrosion protection of materials. "

                SUS304: 52 / KG, passivation treatment, surface drawing; machine parts are not recommended, because of poor processability, sticking knife; passivation treatment: stainless steel comprehensive pickling treatment, dirt removal, uniform silver white after treatment, Greatly improved the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. )

                SUS303:45 / kg, good machinability, good corrosion resistance, strength 6061. SUS440C: 160 / kg, high carbon content, quenching HRC> 55, demagnetization after processing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Demagnetization: SUS440C is magnetically processed after cold working and demagnetized with a high power demagnetizer.

                S136 (H): 35 / kg, (Sweden) quenching hardness HRC45-55, the surface can be processed into a mirror surface, demagnetization after processing, corrosion resistance and hardness below 440C; S136H is pre-hardened, hardness HRC30-35).

                SUS316: stainless steel plasticity, toughness, cold deformation, good welding process performance, 316 high temperature strength, 316L high temperature performance is slightly worse, but corrosion resistance is better than 316, due to low carbon content, containing 2% -3% molybdenum, improve resistance Corrosive, reducing salts and various inorganic and organic acids, bases, salts and high temperature strength. Prudential Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech automated machinery manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions.

                45 steel: carbon steel structural steel medium carbon steel, 8-12 / kg, strength: 600Mpa, used for anti-rust, oxidation treatment, commonly known as: blue, black. For shaft parts, for example hardening requires 50 steel.

                SKD11: 46 / kg, die steel, quenching hardness > 58, high hardness, high wear resistance. "

                ASP-23: 520 / kg, high hardness, high wear resistance, high toughness powder high speed steel, hardness up to HRC60-66, for precision die.

                POM: Commonly known as “Saigang”, white 45 yuan / kg, black 65 / kg, 55 / kg, anti-static 338 / kg, good wear resistance.

                UR: 30 / kg, commonly known as "Yu Lijiao".

                Plexiglass: (PMMA) 28 / kg, with a certain strength and temperature resistance, the quality is brittle, the surface hardness is not easy to rub.

                Bakelite: (epoxy laminate) 32 / kg, good electrical insulation for electrical flooring; electroplated steel for electrical flooring.

                Aluminum profiles: for architectural frames

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