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                What are the main types of injection robots?


                What are the main types of injection robots?

                In the future, the traditional production mode in the industrial sector will be slowly eliminated, replaced by mechanical automation. In fact, mechanical automation has penetrated into the industrial field in recent years, but the popularity is not so high. As far as the robots are concerned, in recent years, many companies have been used as strategic transformation projects for machine substitution, but how to choose the right one. What about the manipulators of the enterprise? The following small series introduces you to the main types of robots.

                The main types of robots:

                First: stand-alone

                According to the understanding, the stand-alone truss manipulator can automate the operation of a single CNC machine tool configuration, so that it can meet the single-process automatic production of parts. Moreover, the stand-alone truss manipulator adopts high-strength steel beam, double-column structure and pure modular design structure, so it has the advantages of fast moving speed, high positioning accuracy and long service life.

                Second: dual online type

                At present, the double-connected truss manipulator is mainly equipped with automatic running equipment for two CNC machine tools, and thus can meet the single-step synchronous production of parts and the two-step sequential production. Moreover, the truss of the double-connected truss manipulator uses high-strength steel beams and a multi-column structure, which can achieve a single-machine cycle mode and a two-machine cooperation mode, and achieve unmanned production to the greatest extent.

                Third: multi-line type

                For the design structure of the multi-connected truss manipulator, the multi-line truss manipulator adopts the automatic line modular design, which is based on the stand-alone version and the two-machine version of the truss robot standard unit for seamless splicing and connecting, thereby realizing multi-station multi-process linkage. produce. In addition, the multi-line truss manipulator's entire line configuration equipment monitoring system and order management system can realize the digital factory operating environment.


                The above is the introduction of the main types of robots. The robots can be closely connected with the CNC machine tools of the enterprise. They form a system for loading and unloading materials, and they can greatly improve the work efficiency and thus save the enterprise. Staff costs. Therefore, truss manipulators have been used in large quantities in industries such as CNC lathes and electronic equipment. Pu'er Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech non-standard automation equipment manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions.

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