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                After the installation of the automation equipment factory assembly line equipment, what tests do the manufacturers need to do?


                What inspections do automation equipment manufacturers need after the installation of automated equipment manufacturers' assembly line equipment?

                For the assembly equipment user company, what do we need to test after installing the assembly line in the assembly line factory? Let's take a look at the following points to help you.

                     1. Pipeline equipment belongs to non-standard equipment. The first consideration is the quality of the pipeline equipment. This is the basic function of the pipeline device.

                     2. Verify that the design, installation and layout of the assembly line equipment are reasonable, and whether the required safety is achieved as required.

                     3. Check that the assembly line equipment is complete, no missing parts, etc.

                     4. On-site physical operation to verify that the production efficiency of the line equipment is qualified and meets the requirements.


                Pu'er Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech non-standard automation equipment manufacturer specializing in assembly automation solutions. Founded in Shanghai in 2008, it is one of the few companies in China that can provide complete solutions for industrial intelligent factories. With intelligent and high-precision assembly technology and testing technology, the company combines high-quality intelligent storage equipment, quality tracking and information management to provide customers with a one-stop solution for smart factories. The company's products have been widely used in automotive, medical and other fields. As a smart manufacturing precision equipment company, the company constantly enhances its internal strength and encourages technological innovation and technological creation within the company.

                Pulangde Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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